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Andebe is a proudly South African owned Training Provider in the Transport and Logistics field. Andebe was established in 2006 and is a BEE compliant company. For more detail please refer to our BEE certificate. The founding shareholders of Andebe bring the best of both worlds, Training and Logistics together. 

The combined experience of 25 years in transport and logistics followed by 14 years in corporate training, provides the required foundation for a formidable force in the training industry. This experience proves to be of utmost value to our stakeholders as proof of better performance, better relationships, better production etc. is the order of the day. The turnaround, after training, is immense as stakeholders and learners are constantly informing us. This positive reaction is felt both in the workplace and also importantly in their in private lives. Recorded feedback and messages from learners and stakeholders are available on request. 

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